UE4: Metro

Level Design
Personal Project

Name: Metro

Environment Setting: Urban

Location: NYC Subway

Themes: Abandoned, Dawn

Project Purpose.
To recreate an abandoned subway station using the UE4 engine, I'm using this project to better understand the engine and it's tools by using existing content and then recreating them.

The finished piece will be a portfolio piece and will consist of screenshots and a video fly-through.

A basic decal material creation.

This decal material was downloaded from gametextures.com, I then imported them into UE4 and created a simple decal setup as seen on the right, the finished decal is on the left.

Mesh Painting.

Using vertex color channels, I can create a non repeating effect of grim, broken tiles or clean tiles using the mesh painting tools in UE4

UV Unwrap.

Using the existing poster mesh, I created a new material to display a subway line layout, I Unwraped the UV in Blender and then created this material using paint.

Finished Subway map.

This is the result of the subway map being applied to a poster mesh.