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Oliver Curtis


Level Designer


Devon, UK


Hello, my name is Oliver Curtis and I’m a very passionate Level Designer and Game Developer!

I’m currently working on Operation: Black Mesa with Tripmine Studios along with other personal projects in my spare time (along with being a father and annoying my partner)

I also publish video tutorials on YouTube, mostly in the Unreal Engine but I do plan to tackle other engine toolkits.

When I create a level, it’s much more then a series of brushes, meshes, sound nodes and scripted events, it’s a virtual world where anyone can jump in and explore.

Oh, and I also listen to chiptune and heavy metal, because I’m that guy.


Level Designer

Tripmine Studios

· May 2013 – Present

I currently work on the chapter “Missing in action” for the Source Engine modification “Operation: Black Mesa”

My work involves:

Meeting up with other members of the team (monthly) to discuss assets needed, bugs and general feedback.
Constructing the level using the Hammer Editor.
Lighting, texture and asset placement inside my assigned levels.
Optimizing the level and testing it’s playability.

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BA (Hons) in Design for Games

Plymouth College of Art

Plymouth, UK · September 2009 – July 2012


Unreal Engine, Source Engine, Unity, Level Design, Blueprints, C++, Blender